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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Peter Piper Pizza

Name Description Access Level
Cheddar Cheese - Personal  
Cheddar Cheese - Small  
Cheese - Large Slice  
Cheese - Medium Slice  
Cheese - Personal Slice  
Cheese - Small Slice  
Cheese - XL Slice  
Cheese Pizza 1 of 8 equal slices, 14" pizza  
Cheese Pizza on Original Crust (Large)  
Cheese Pizza on Ultrathin Crust ( Large)  
Chicago Classic - Large Slice  
Chicago Classic - Medium Slice  
Chicago Classic - XL Slice  
Chicago Classic Pizza 1 of 8 equal slices, 14" pizza  
Chicken - Extra Large  
Chicken - Large  
Chicken - Medium  
Chicken - Personal  
Chicken - Small  
Chicken Caesar Salad  
Chicken Tenders (no sauce)  
Chicken, Add-on  
Chopped House Salad - Small  
Chopped Italian Salad - Small  
Chorizo - Extra Large  
Chorizo - Large  
Chorizo - Medium  
Chorizo - Personal  
Chorizo - Small  
Cinnamon Crunch Dessert  
Cinnamon Crunch Dessert Pizza  
Double Pepperoni Parmesan - Large Slice  
Double Pepperoni Parmesan - Medium Slice  
Double Pepperoni Parmesan - XL Slice  
Extreme Pepperoni - Large Slice  
Extreme Pepperoni - Medium Slice  
Extreme Pepperoni - XL Slice  
Garden Fresh Salad  
Garlic Cheese Bread  
Garlic Cheese Bread  
Glazed Wings  
Glazed Wings  
Gluten-Free Crust  
Green Bell Peppers - Extra Large