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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Pepperidge Farm

Name Description Access Level
Texas Toast, Five Cheese frozen  
Texas Toast, Garlic Garlic  
Texas Toast, Garlic frozen  
Texas Toast, Mozzarella & Monterrey Jack Mozzarella & Monterrey Jack  
Texas Toast, Mozzarella & Montery Jack frozen  
Texas Toast, Parmesan Parmesan  
Texas Toast, Parmesan frozen  
Texas Toast, Whole Grain frozen  
Texas Toast, Whole Wheat Garlic Whole Wheat Garlic  
Thin Rolls, 100 Calorie, Whole Grain White 100 Calorie, Whole Grain White  
Thin Rolls, Pre-Sliced, Soft Honey Wheat Pre-Sliced, Soft Honey Wheat  
Thin Rolls, Soft Oatmeal Soft Oatmeal  
Three Cheese Snack Sticks  
Toasting Bread, Harvest White Harvest White  
Toasting Bread, White White  
Toasting White Bread  
Tortilla Chips, Nacho Cheese Nacho Cheese  
Turnovers, Blueberry Blueberry  
Turnovers, Cherry Cherry  
Ultimate Swirl Bread, Cinnamon Cinnamon  
Ultimate Swirl Bread, Raisin Cinnamon Raisin Cinnamon  
Vanilla 3 Layer Cake  
Vanilla Bean 3 Layer Cake  
Variety Pack, Cookies, Crackers, Grahams Cookies, Crackers, Grahams  
Verona Cookies, Apple Caramel  
Verona Cookies, Apricot Raspberry  
Verona Cookies, Blueberry  
Verona Cookies, Mango Peach  
Vienna Bread, with Sesame Seeds with Sesame Seeds  
Wheat Crisps, Multi-Grain Multi-Grain  
Wheat Crisps, Toasted Wheat Toasted Wheat  
Wheat Crisps, Toasted Wheat Toasted Wheat  
Wheat Crisps, Zesty Tomato Herb Zesty Tomato Herb  
Wheat Sliders Bun, Classic  
White Bread, Thin Sliced 'Original'  
White Bread, Very Thin Sliced  
White Hamburger Buns, Whole Grain, Classic Soft  
White Sandwich Bread  
White Sliders Bun, Classic mini sandwich buns  
Whole Grain Bread Whole Grain  
Whole Grain Bread, 100% Whole Wheat 'Natural Whole Grain'  
Whole Grain Bread, 100% Whole Wheat, Small Slice  
Whole Grain Bread, 15 Grain 15 Grain  
Whole Grain Bread, Double Fiber  
Whole Grain Bread, Fifteen (15) Grain