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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in New York

Name Description Access Level
Texas Toast Seasoned Croutons  
Texas Toast Tortilla Strips, Chipotle Cheddar Flavored Chipotle Cheddar Flavored  
Texas Toast with Real Cheese Cheese  
Texas Toast with Real Cheese  
Texas Toast, Garlic 16 Ct Garlic 16 Ct  
Texas Toast, The Original, Five Cheese The Original, Five Cheese  
Texas Toast, The Original, Garlic The Original, Garlic  
Texas Toast, The Original, Lite The Original, Lite  
The Original Texas Toast Croutons, Seasoned Seasoned  
The Original Texas Toast, Parmesan Parmesan  
The Original Toast Croutons, Garlic & Butter Flavored Garlic & Butter Flavored  
Tortilla Strips, Chili Lime Flavored Chili Lime Flavored  
Whitman's Candies, Bite Size Caramels