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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Natural Ovens Bakery

Name Description Access Level
Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin Oatmeal Raisin  
Dinner Roll, Gourmet w/Omega 3  
Energy Drink Mix, Zesty-flax w/Omega 3  
Energy Mix  
Energy Mix, Zesty-Flax Zesty-Flax  
English Muffin Bread w/Omega 3  
Glorious Cinnamon Raisin Bread w/Omega 3  
Golden Crunch Bagel w/Omega 3  
Golden Crunch Bread w/Omega 3  
Gourmet Cookies, Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip  
Gourmet Cookies, Walnut Spice Walnut Spice  
Granola Bars, Great, Chocolate Almond Great, Chocolate Almond  
Granola Bars, Great, Honey Nut Great, Honey Nut  
Great Granola w/Omega 3  
Great Granola Bars, Fruit & Lemon Fruit & Lemon  
Great Granola Bars, Mixed Fruit Mixed Fruit  
Hamburger Buns, 100% Whole Grain 100% Whole Grain  
Happiness Bread, Raisin Pecan Raisin Pecan  
Happiness Raisin Pecan Bread w/Omega 3  
Health Max Bread w/Omega 3  
Healthy Beginnings, Harvest Grain Bread w/Omega 3  
Healthy Beginnings, Honey Wheat Bread w/Omega 3  
Healthy Beginnings, Oatmeal Bread w/Omega 3  
Healthy Beginnings, Whole Grain White  
Hearty Grains & Onion Bagel w/Omega 3  
Hot Dog Buns, 100% Whole Grain 100% Whole Grain  
Hunger Filler Bread w/Omega 3  
Mild Rye Bread, with Caraway Seeds with Caraway Seeds  
Muffin, Carrot Nut w/Omega 3  
Muffin, Cranberry w/Omega 3  
Muffins, Cranberry Cranberry  
Multigrain Bread w/Omega 3  
Nutrition Mix, Ultra Omega Balance w/Omega 3  
Nutty Natural Whole Grain Bread  
Oatmeal Mix, Paul's Oats w/raisins & sunflower seeds  
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie w/Omega 3  
Organic 100% Whole Grain Wheat Bread  
Organic White Bread with Flax  
Pancake & Waffle Mix  
Paul's Oats, with Raisins & Sunflower Seeds with Raisins & Sunflower Seeds  
Raisin Bran Muffins  
Raspberry Bagel w/Omega 3  
Right Wheat Bread w/Omega 3  
Rolls, Dinner, 100% Whole Grain Dinner, 100% Whole Grain  
Soft Wheat Whole Grain Bread