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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Musselman's

Name Description Access Level
Fruit 'n Sauce, Raspberry, Lite w/Splenda, Calcium & Vit-C  
Fruit 'n Sauce, Strawberry, Lite w/Splenda, Calcium & Vit-C  
Fruit N Sauce, Lite Orange Mango Lite Orange Mango  
Fruit N Sauce, Lite Raspberry Lite Raspberry  
Fruit'n Sauce, Lite Mixed Berry 4 Pk/ Lite Mixed Berry 4 Pk/  
Honey Cinnamon Apple Sauce  
Honey Cinnamon, Apple Sauce  
Key Lime Pie Filling Key Lime  
Lemon Pie Filling  
Lemon Pudding  
Lite Apple Sauce Lite  
Lite Cinnamon Apple Sauce Lite, Cinnamon  
Lite Cinnamon Apple Sauce Lite Cinnamon  
Lite Cinnamon, Apple Sauce  
Lite Original Apple Sauce Lite  
Milk Chocolate Pudding  
Mixed Fruit, Single Serve Cup  
Nacho Cheese Sauce, Mild  
Orange Apricot Breakfast Cocktail 15% juice  
Organic Apple Sauce, Unsweetened  
Organic Apple Sauce, Unsweetened  
Organic, Apple Sauce Organic 4 Oz Cups  
Original Apple Sauce  
Original Apple Sauce  
Original Apple Sauce  
Peach Pie Filling  
Pie Filling, Apple Apple  
Pie Filling, Banana Creme Banana Creme  
Pie Filling, Blueberry Blueberry  
Pie Filling, Cherry Cherry  
Pie Filling, Chocolate Creme Chocolate Creme  
Pie Filling, Coconut Creme Coconut Creme  
Pie Filling, Lemon Lemon  
Pie Filling, Lemon Creme Lemon Creme  
Pie Filling, Peach Peach  
Pie Filling, Strawberry Strawberry  
Pineapple Pie Filling  
Premium Apple Juice with Calcium & Vitamin C Premium Apple Juice W/Calcium & Vit C  
Premium Apple Juice with Vitamin C Premium Apple Juice W/Vitamin C  
Raisin Pie Filling  
Rice Pudding  
Salad Sliced Apple  
Sliced Apples  
Sliced Apples, Water Pack  
Sliced Apples, Water Packed, York Imperial