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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Minute Maid

Name Description Access Level
Cranberry Grape Drink Bottle, 25% juice  
Cranberry Grape Juice  
Drops, Water Enhancer, Fruit Punch  
Enhanced Juice Drink, Mango Tropical Flavored Mango Tropical Flavored  
Enhanced Lemonade, Pomegranate Lemonade Pomegranate Lemonade  
Enhanced Tea, Pomegranate Flavored Tea Beverage Pomegranate Flavored Tea Beverage  
Faite De Vrais Fruits, Mangues  
Five Alive Citrus Juice  
Five Alive Passionate Peach Citrus  
Five Alive, Tropical Citrus  
Flavored Drink, Cherry Limeade Cherry Limeade  
Flavored Fruit Drink, Berry Punch Berry Punch  
Flavored Fruit Drink, Cherry Limeade Cherry Lemonade  
Flavored Fruit Drink, Light, Guava Citrus Light, Guava Citrus  
Flavored Fruit Drink, Light, Mango Tropical Light, Mango Tropical  
Flavored Fruit Drink, Light, Mango Tropical, Fridge Pack Light, Mango Tropical, Fridge Pack  
Flavored Fruit Drink, Light, Raspberry Passion Light, Raspberry Passion  
Flavored Juice Beverage, Spicy Watermelon Lemonade  
Flavored Juice, Peach with Ginger  
Flavored Water Enhancer, Lemonade  
Frozen Beverage Concentrate, Raspberry Lemonade Raspberry Lemonade  
Frozen Concentrated Juice, Orange, Family Size Orange, Family Size  
Frozen Concentrated Orange Tangerine Juice  
Frozen Concentrated Real Fruit Beverage, Peach  
Frozen Lemonade  
Frozen Lemonade, Raspberry  
Frozen Lemonade, Soft Soft  
Frozen Limeade, Soft, Cherry Soft, Cherry  
Frozen Limeade, Soft, Cherry & Limonada Soft, Cherry & Limonada  
Fruit & Cream Swirl, Orange Orange  
Fruit Bar, Frozen 90% juice  
Fruit Blend  
Fruit Drink, Berry Kiwi Berry Kiwi  
Fruit Drink, Clear Cherry Clear Cherry  
Fruit Drink, Flavored, Raspberry Passion, Fridge Pack Flavored, Raspberry Passion, Fridge Pack  
Fruit Drink, Fruit Punch Flavored Fruit Punch Flavored  
Fruit Drink, Lemonade Lemonade  
Fruit Drink, Light Fruit Punch  
Fruit Drink, Light Lemonade Light Lemonade  
Fruit Drink, Light Mango Passion Light Mango Passion  
Fruit Drink, Limeade Limeade  
Fruit Drink, Orange Tangerine Orange Tangerine  
Fruit Drink, Peach  
Fruit Drink, Pink Lemonade Flavored Pink Lemonade Flavored  
Fruit Drink, Premium, Watermelon Premium, Watermelon