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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in McKenzie's

Name Description Access Level
Raw Honey  
Seasoning Blend  
Seasoning Blend  
Southland Butternut Squash  
Speckled Butter Beans  
Stew Vegetables  
Stew Vegetables, Garden Classic Garden Classic  
Turnip Greens, W/Diced Turnips W/Diced Turnips  
Turnips w/Turnips  
Turnips, Southland Yellow Southland Yellow  
Vegetable Gumbo Mixture  
Vegetable Gumbo Mixture  
Vegetable Soup Mix with Tomatoes  
Vegetable Soup Mix, W/Tomatoes Garden Classic W/Tomatoes Garden Classic  
White Creamed Corn  
White Creamed Corn Chub Pack  
Whole Baby Okra  
Whole Baby Okra  
Yam Patties  
Yam Patties, Sweet Potatoes 8 Ct Sweet Potatoes 8 Ct  
Yellow Creamed Corn Chub Pack  
Yellow Turnip