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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in McKenzie's

Name Description Access Level
Seasoning Blend  
Southland Butternut Squash  
Speckled Butter Beans  
Stew Vegetables  
Stew Vegetables, Garden Classic Garden Classic  
Turnip Greens, W/Diced Turnips W/Diced Turnips  
Turnips w/Turnips  
Turnips, Southland Yellow Southland Yellow  
Vegetable Gumbo Mixture  
Vegetable Gumbo Mixture  
Vegetable Soup Mix with Tomatoes  
Vegetable Soup Mix, W/Tomatoes Garden Classic W/Tomatoes Garden Classic  
White Creamed Corn Chub Pack  
Whole Baby Okra  
Whole Baby Okra  
Yam Patties  
Yam Patties, Sweet Potatoes 8 Ct Sweet Potatoes 8 Ct  
Yellow Creamed Corn Chub Pack  
Yellow Turnip