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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Maple Grove Farms

Name Description Access Level
gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix  
Granulated Maple Sugar  
Honey Maple Spread  
Low Calorie Syrup, Sugar Free, Butter Flavor Sugar Free, Butter Flavor  
Maple Blend Candy  
Maple Butter, Pure VT country store  
Maple Candy pure  
Maple Candy, Pure Pocket Pack  
Maple Cream  
Maple Cream Cookie  
Maple Cream Spread, Blended  
Maple Cream Spread, Pure  
Maple Flavored Drops  
Maple Flavored Syrup, Sugar Free 'Cozy Cottage' w/Splenda  
Maple Sugar, Granulated pure  
Maple Syrup  
Maple Syrup  
Maple Syrup, Butter Flavor, Sugar Free  
Maple Syrup, Cracker Barrel Vermont, Sugar Free  
Maple Syrup, Dark Amber  
Maple Syrup, Medium Amber  
Maple Syrup, Pure  
Maple Syrup, Pure, Organic  
Maple Syrup, Sugar Free  
Maple Syrup, Vermont Maid, Butter Flavored, Sugar Free  
Maple Syrup, Vermont, Butter Flavored, Sugar Free  
Maple Syrup, Vermont, Sugar Free  
Maple Walnut Fudge  
Marmalade, Orange  
Mint Jelly  
Mint, 10 Oz 10 Oz  
Pancake & Waffle Mix, Complete Complete  
Pancake & Waffle Mix, Sugar Free Sugar Free  
Pancake & Waffle Mix, Whole Wheat Blend Whole Wheat Blend  
Pancake Mix, All Natural Blueberry prepared  
Pancake Mix, Blueberry prepared  
Pancake Mix, Buckwheat, Organic dry mix  
Pancake Mix, Buttermilk & Honey prepared  
Pancake Mix, Buttermilk, Organic prepared  
Pancake Mix, Gluten Free mix only  
Pancake Mix, Honey Buckwheat  
Pancake Mix, Multigrain, Organic  
Pancake Mix, Original, Organic dry mix  
Pancake Mix, Sugar Free dry mix  
Pancake Mix, Wholegrain with Flax Seed prepared