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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Lucerne

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Name Description Access Level
Mozzarella Cheese  
Mozzarella Cheese  
Mozzarella Cheese Loaf  
Mud Pie Ice Cream  
Muenster, Sliced Sliced  
Natural Cheese, Snacker Cuts, Mild Cheddar Snacker Cuts, Mild Cheddar  
Natural Cheese, Snacker Cuts, Sharp Cheddar Snacker Cuts, Sharp Cheddar  
Natural Colby Jack Cheese Loaf  
Natural Fudge Ice Cream Bar  
Natural Pepper Jack Cheese  
Natural sharp Cheddar Cheese Sharp Cheddar, 2% Milk Reduced Fat  
Natural Sharp Cheddar Cheese  
Neapolitan Ice Cream  
Neapolitan Ice Cream  
Neapolitan Ice Cream Sandwiches  
Neufchatel Cheese  
New York Sharp White Cheddar Cheese  
No Sodium 1% Cottage Cheese  
Nonfat Yogurt, Greek, Pineapple Greek, Pineapple  
Onion And Chive Cream Cheese  
Orange / Vanilla Sundae Ice Cream Cup  
Orange Ice Cream Bars  
Orange Sherbet & Vanilla  
Parmesan Cheese  
Part Skim Ricotta Cheese  
Part-Skim Mozzarella String Cheese  
Partly Skimmed Chocolate Milk  
Partly Skimmed Milk  
Party Pleasers  
Party Pleasers, Assorted Assorted  
Pasteurized Liquid Egg Product, Cheese & Chive Flavored Cheese & Chive Flavored  
Pasteurized Liquid Egg Product, Southwestern Style Southwestern Style  
Pasteurized Real Egg Product, Original Original  
Peach Light Yogurt, Nonfat Nonfat, Light, Peach  
Pineapple Sherbet  
Plain Greek Yogurt  
Plain Yogourt  
Plain Yogurt  
Pre Stirred Peach Yogurt  
Pre Stirred Strawberry Yogurt  
Pre Stirred Vanilla Yogurt  
Protein Dairy Beverage, Chocolate  
Protein Dairy Beverage, Vanilla  
Protein Fortified Dairy Beverage, Strawberry  
Quinoa Bread