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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Little Caesars

Name Description Access Level
Oven Roasted Caesar Wing  
Pepperoni Cheese Bread  
Pepperoni Deep Dish Pizza  
Pepperoni Pizza Slice 1/6 of a 14'' pizza  
Pepperoni Pizza, 14'' Round  
Pepperoni Pizza, 14'' Thin Crust  
Pepperoni Pizza, Large Deep Dish  
Pepperoni Pizza, Medium Deep Dish  
Pineapple Extra Topping Additional topping for 14'' Cheese pizza  
Ranch Caesar Dip  
Salad Dressing, Caesar  
Salad Dressing, Italian  
Salad Dressing, Italian, Nonfat  
Salad Dressing, Ranch  
Supreme Pizza, 14'' Round  
Tomat0 additional topping for 14'' Cheese pizza  
Tossed Salad Individual Size  
Ultimate Supreme Pizza  
Vegetarian Pizza  
Veggie Deli Sandwich  
Veggie Pizza, 14'' Round