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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Lifeway

Name Description Access Level
Kefir with Orange Vanilla, Organic  
Kefir, Biokefir, Black Cherry  
Kefir, Biokefir, Blackberry  
Kefir, Biokefir, Pomegranate / Blueberry  
Kefir, Biokefir, Vanilla  
Kefir, Blueberry  
Kefir, Blueberry Lowfat, Blueberry  
Kefir, Blueberry  
Kefir, Blueberry  
Kefir, Blueberry  
Kefir, Greek Style  
Kefir, Greek Style, Strawberry  
Kefir, Hibiscus Rhubarb Pie  
Kefir, Low Fat, Blueberry  
Kefir, Low Fat, Cappuccino  
Kefir, Low Fat, Cherry  
Kefir, Low Fat, Chocolate Truffle  
Kefir, Low Fat, Coconut Chia  
Kefir, Low Fat, Madagascar Vanilla  
Kefir, Low Fat, Mango  
Kefir, Low Fat, Peach  
Kefir, Low Fat, Plain  
Kefir, Low Fat, Pomegranate  
Kefir, Low Fat, Raspberry  
Kefir, Low Fat, Strawberry  
Kefir, Low Fat, Strawberry-Banana  
Kefir, Lowfat, Cherry Lowfat, Cherry  
Kefir, Non Fat, Blueberry  
Kefir, Non Fat, Plain  
Kefir, Non Fat, Raspberry  
Kefir, Non Fat, Strawberry  
Kefir, Non Fat, Strawberry-Banana  
Kefir, Organic Whole Milk, Orange Creamy Crawler Organic Whole Milk, Orange Creamy Crawler  
Kefir, Original  
Kefir, Pomegranate  
Kefir, Pomegranate  
Kefir, ProBugs, Goo-Berry Pie  
Kefir, ProBugs, Orange Cream Crawler  
Kefir, ProBugs, Strawnana Split  
Kefir, ProBugs, Sublime Slime Lime  
Kefir, Raspberry Lowfat, Raspberry  
Kefir, Raspberry  
Kefir, Slim 6, Mixed Berry  
Kefir, Slim 6, Plain  
Kefir, Strawberry