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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Lamb Weston

Name Description Access Level
Crinkle Wedge Cut (Skin-On) Fries  
Crinkle Wedge Cut Fries  
Crispura QQQ's Curly Fries  
Crispy Potato Puffs  
Crispy Potato Puffs  
CrissCut Fries  
Curley QQQ's Fries  
Diner Slices Hash Browns  
Fajita 3/8" Dice (Red & Green Bell Peppers & Yellow Onions)  
Fajita 3/8" Strips (Red & Green Bell Peppers & Yellow Onions)  
Fajita Fries  
Fast Browns  
Fully Loaded Potato Stuffed Spudz  
Garlic & Onion Recipe Regular Cut Fries  
Gourmet Breaded 3/4" Onion Rings  
Gourmet Breaded 3/8" Onion Rings  
Gourmet Breaded 5/8" Onion Rings  
Gourmet Breaded Select Cut Onion Rings  
Green Bell Pepper 3/8" Strips  
Green Bell Pepper and Yellow Onion 3/8" Strips  
Hash Brown Dices  
Hi-Fries Shoestrings  
Home Browns Hash Browns  
Homestyle Breaded Onion Rings  
Homestyle Mashed Potatos  
IQF Hash Browns (Loose)  
IQF Portioned Shredded Hash Browns  
IQF Steak House Shreds  
IQF Yukon Gold Hash Browns  
Island Breeze World Rings  
Italian Breaded Mozzarella Sticks 3-1/4"  
Italian Breaded Zucchini Sticks  
Jalapeno Cheddar Redskin Mashed Potatos  
Jr. Jo Jo's Fries  
Juliennes (Skin-on) Fries  
Juliennes Fries  
Lamb's Tri-Patties Hash Browns  
Lightly Seasoned Mashed Potatos  
Long Branch Fries  
Mini Bakers Potato Slices  
Mini CrissCut Fries (skin-on)  
Mini Potato Pancakes Hash Browns  
MunchSkins Potato Skins  
My Fries Gold 5/16" Regular Cut Fries  
My Fries Gold CrissCut Fries