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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Johnny Rockets

Name Description Access Level
Seasoned Grilled Bell Pep/Onions Toppings & Options - Seasoned Grilled Bell Pep/Onions  
Seasoned Grilled Mushrooms Toppings & Options - Seasoned Grilled Mushrooms  
Seasoned Grilled Onions Toppings & Options - Seasoned Grilled Onions  
Side Bagel w/ Cream Cheese Breakfast - Side Bagel w/ Cream Cheese  
Side English Muffin Breakfast - Side English Muffin  
Side of American Fries  
Side of One Egg Breakfast - OneEgg - Johnny's Breakfast Specialties Side  
Side of Sweet Potato Fries  
Side Salad  
Side Salad - Chicken/Sandwiches/Hot Dogs Side Chicken Sandwiches Hot Dogs - SideSalad - Chicken/Sandwiches/Hot Dogs Side  
Side Salad - Hamburger Side Hamburgers - SideSalad - Hamburger Side  
Side Salad - Philly Cheese Steak Side Philly Cheese Steak - SideSalad - Philly Cheese Steak Side  
Side Salad - Rocket Melts Side Rocket Melts - SideSalad - Rocket Melts Side  
Side Toast Breakfast - Side Toast  
Single Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream Desserts - SingleScoopofVanillaIceCream  
Smoke House Double Hamburger Hamburgers - SmokeHouseDouble  
Smoke House Hamburger  
Smoke House Single Hamburger Hamburgers - SmokeHouseSingle  
Sprite Beverages - Sprite®  
St. Louis Hamburger  
Strawberry Banana Deluxe Shake Shakes & Floats - StrawberryBanana - Deluxe Shakes & Malts  
Strawberry Oreo Crumble Deluxe Shake Shakes & Floats - StrawberryOreo®Crumble - Deluxe Shakes & Malts  
Strawberry Original Shake Shakes & Floats - Strawberry - Original  
Strawberry Shake  
Strawberry Shake, Kids  
Strawberry-Banana Shake  
Strawberry-Banana Shake, Kids  
Streamliner Hamburger Hamburgers - Streamliner®  
Streamliner Hamburger  
Substitute Chicken Breast Hamburgers - SubstituteChickenBreast - Toppings & Options  
Substitute Soy Boca Burger Hamburgers - SubstituteSoyBoca®Burger - Toppings & Options  
Substitute Turkey Patty Hamburgers - SubstituteTurkeyPatty - Toppings & Options  
Substitute Wheat Bun Hamburgers - SubstituteWheatBun - Toppings & Options  
Super Sundae Desserts - Super Sundae  
Super Sundae with Hershey's Chocolate Sauce Desserts - SuperSundaewithHershey'sChocolateSauce  
Super Sundae with Hot Fudge Desserts - SuperSundaewithHotFudge  
Super Sundae with Strawberry Sauce Desserts - SuperSundaewithStrawberrySauce  
Sweet Potato Fries Starters & Shareables - SweetPotatoFries  
Sweet Potato Fries - Chicken/Sandwiches/Hot Dogs Side Chicken Sandwiches Hot Dogs - SweetPotatoFries - Chicken/Sandwiches/Hot Dogs Side  
Sweet Potato Fries - Hamburger Side Hamburgers - SweetPotatoFries - Hamburger Side  
Sweet Potato Fries - Philly Cheese Steak Side Philly Cheese Steak - SweetPotatoFries - Philly Cheese Steak Side  
Sweet Potato Fries - Rocket Melts Side Rocket Melts - SweetPotatoFries - Rocket Melts Side  
Swiss Cheese Slice Toppings & Options - Swiss Cheese Slice