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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in John West

Name Description Access Level
Sardines in BBQ Sauce  
Sardines in Brine  
Sardines in Olive Oil  
Sardines in Sunflower Oil  
Sardines in Tomato Sauce  
Sardines with Lemon Slice in Sunflower Oil  
Sild in Sunflower Oil  
Sild in Tomato Sauce  
Skippers Brisling, in Tomato Sauce in Tomato Sauce  
Skippers in Sunflower Oil  
Skippers in Tomato Sauce  
Skippers, Brisling Brisling  
Smoked Oysters in Sunflower Oil  
Smoked Peppered Mackerel Fillets in Sunflower Oil  
Smoked Tuna Slices in Sunflower Oil  
Soft Cod Roes  
Soft Herring Roes  
Sweet Thai Red Chili Tuna Fillets  
Tuna Chunks in Brine  
Tuna Chunks in Springwater  
Tuna Chunks in Sunflower Oil  
Tuna Coronation with Diced Pineapple  
Tuna in Lime Mayonnaise with Peppers/Water Chestnuts  
Tuna in Mayonnaise with Sweetcorn  
Tuna in Mediterranean Salad  
Tuna in Potato and Sweetcorn Salad with Yogurt Dressing  
Tuna in Thousand Island Dressing  
Tuna in Three Bean Salad  
Tuna Light Lunch Mediterranean With Chargrilled Onions  
Tuna Light Lunch with a Lime & Cracked Black Pepper Dressing  
Tuna Light Lunch, French Style  
Tuna Light Lunch, Tomato Salsa  
Tuna Pate  
Tuna Slices in Sunflower Oil  
Tuna Steak in Brine  
Tuna Steak in Olive Oil  
Tuna Steak in Sunflower Oil  
Tuna with a Twist, French Dressing  
Tuna with a Twist, Lime & Black Pepper  
Tuna with a Twist, Oven Dried Tomato & Herb  
Tuna Yellowfin Steak in Olive Oil  
Tuna Yellowfin Steak in Springwater  
Weight Watchers Salmon in Lemon Mayonnaise Style Dressing  
Weight Watchers Tuna Coronation