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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Jason's Deli

Name Description Access Level
Club Royale - Half  
Club Royale - Whole  
Coleslaw w/ Low Fat Honey Mustard  
Cornbread Muffin  
Cornbread Muffins  
Cottage Cheese  
Cottage Cheese  
Cottage Cheese (East of the Mississippi)  
Cottage Cheese (West of the Mississippi)  
Country White Bread  
Cranberry Relish  
Cranberry Walnut Cookie  
Cranberry Walnut Cookie  
Cranberry Walnut mix  
Cranberry Walnut Mix  
Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal Cookie  
Cream Cheese  
Creamy Ceasar Dressing  
Creamy Irish Potato - bowl  
Creamy Irish Potato - cup  
Creamy Liqueur Dip  
Croutons (East of the Mississippi)  
Croutons (West of the Mississippi)  
Cuban Press - Half  
Cuban Press - Whole  
Cucumber Slice  
Cup Of Fruit  
Deli Club  
Deli Club - Half  
Deli Club - Whole  
Deli Cowboy Sandwich  
Diced Almonds  
Diced Red Onions  
Extra Virgin Olive Oil  
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (bottle)  
Feta Cheese  
Fiesta Spud with Chicken Chili  
Fiesta Spud with Chili  
Fire Roasted Tortilla - bowl  
Fire Roasted Tortilla - cup  
Fire Roasted Tortilla Bowl  
Fire Roasted Tortilla Cup