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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Jack in The Box

Name Description Access Level
Country Crock Spread  
Creamy Italian Sauce SANDWICH SAUCES - Creamy Italian Sauce (0.46 oz.)  
Creamy Ranch Sauce SANDWICH SAUCES - Creamy Ranch Sauce (0.61 oz.)  
Creamy Southwest Dressing SALADS - Creamy Southwest Dressing  
Creamy Southwest Dressing  
Dannon Spring Water, Bottled  
Diet Coke - Twenty fl oz.  
Diet Coke® 12 fl oz.  
Diet Coke® 44 fl oz.  
Diet Coke, Large DRINKS - Diet Coke® 42 fl oz.  
Diet Coke, Medium DRINKS - Diet Coke® 32 fl oz.  
Diet Coke, Small DRINKS - Diet Coke® 20 fl oz.  
Diet Coke, Value DRINKS - Diet Coke® 16 fl oz.  
Diet Dr. Pepper, Large  
Diet Dr. Pepper, Medium  
Diet Dr. Pepper, Small  
Diet Dr. Pepper, Value  
Double Bacon & Cheese Ciabatta Burger  
Dr Pepper - Twenty fl oz.  
Dr Pepper® 12 fl oz.  
Dr Pepper® 44 fl oz.  
Dr. Pepper, Large DRINKS - Dr. Pepper® 42 fl oz.  
Dr. Pepper, Medium DRINKS - Dr. Pepper® 32 fl oz.  
Dr. Pepper, Small DRINKS - Dr. Pepper® 20 fl oz.  
Dr. Pepper, Value DRINKS - Dr. Pepper® 16 fl oz.  
Egg Nog Shake - Sixteen oz cup seasonal only  
Egg Nog Shake - Twenty Four oz cup seasonal only  
Egg Roll - 1 Piece SNACKS & SIDES - Egg Roll 1 pc.  
Egg Roll - 3 Pieces SNACKS & SIDES - Egg Roll 3 pc.  
Egg Roll One pc  
Egg Rolls Three pc  
Egg White & Turkey Breakfast Sandwich BETTER FOR YOU - Egg White & Turkey Breakfast Sandwich  
Equal Sweetener  
Exploding Cheesy Chicken Sandwich JACK'S MUNCHIE MEALTM ITEMS 9PM-5AM - Exploding Cheesy Chicken Sandwich  
Extreme Sausage Sandwich BREAKFAST - Extreme Sausage® Sandwich  
Extreme Sausage Sandwich  
Fanta Orange - Twenty fl oz.  
Fanta Orange, Large DRINKS - Fanta® Orange 42 fl oz.  
Fanta Orange, Medium DRINKS - Fanta® Orange 32 fl oz.  
Fanta Orange, Small DRINKS - Fanta® Orange 20 fl oz.  
Fanta Orange, Value DRINKS - Fanta® Orange 16 fl oz.  
Fanta Strawberry - Twenty fl oz.  
Fanta Strawberry, Large DRINKS - Fanta Strawberry 42 fl oz.  
Fanta Strawberry, Medium DRINKS - Fanta® Strawberry 32 fl oz.  
Fanta Strawberry, Small DRINKS - Fanta® Strawberry 20 fl oz.