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Name Description Access Level
American Cheese on a Stick Food - American Cheese on a Stick  
American Cheese on a Stick  
Beef Hot Dog on a Bun Food - Beef Hot Dog on a Bun  
Beef Hot Dog on a Stick  
Cherry Frozen Lemonade, Kids  
Cherry Frozen Lemonade, Large  
Cherry Frozen Lemonade, Regular  
Cherry Frozen Lemonade, Souvenir  
Cherry Lemonade 12oz.  
Cherry Lemonade 18oz.  
Cherry Lemonade 24oz.  
Cherry Lemonade 32oz.  
Cherry Lemonade, Kids  
Cherry Lemonade, Large  
Cherry Lemonade, Regular  
Cherry Lemonade, Souvenir  
Fish & Zucchini Platter Food - Fish & Zucchini Platter  
Fish & Zucchini Platter (only in HI) Food - Fish & Zucchini Platter (in the state of HI)  
Fish Platter Food - Fish Platter  
French Fries Food - French Fries  
Funnel Cake Sticks Food - Funnel Cake Sticks  
Hot Dog on a Bun  
Hot Dog on a Stick  
Lime Frozen Lemonade, Kids  
Lime Frozen Lemonade, Large  
Lime Frozen Lemonade, Regular  
Lime Frozen Lemonade, Souvenir  
Lime Lemonade 12oz.  
Lime Lemonade 18oz.  
Lime Lemonade 24oz.  
Lime Lemonade 32oz.  
Lime Lemonade, Kids  
Lime Lemonade, Large  
Lime Lemonade, Regular  
Lime Lemonade, Souvenir  
Lite Lemonade, Kids  
Lite Lemonade, Large  
Lite Lemonade, Regular  
Lite Lemonade, Souvenir  
Original Frozen Lemonade, Kids  
Original Frozen Lemonade, Large  
Original Frozen Lemonade, Regular  
Original Frozen Lemonade, Souvenir  
Original Lemonade 12oz.