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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Hooters

Name Description Access Level
Bacon Wrapped Wings, 10 piece  
Bacon Wrapped Wings, 15 piece  
Bacon Wrapped Wings, 20 piece  
Bacon Wrapped Wings, 50 piece  
Bacon Wrapped Wings, 6 piece  
Baja Burger  
Baja Fish Tacos, Fried  
Baja Fish Tacos, Grilled  
Baked Beans  
BBQ Pork Sandwich  
Beer Cheese and Pretzels  
Big Dipper Fries  
Big Fish Sandwich, Fried  
Blackened Mahi Sandwich  
Blackened Shrimp Tacos  
Boneless Teaser  
Boneless Wings, 15 Piece  
Boneless Wings, 20 Piece  
Boneless Wings, 50 Piece  
Boneless Wings, 6 Piece  
Boneless Wings,10 Piece  
Breaded Wings, 10 Piece  
Breaded Wings, 15 Piece  
Breaded Wings, 20 Piece  
Breaded Wings, 50 Piece  
Breaded Wings, 6 Piece  
Buff Chicken Sliders  
Buffalo Chicken Dip  
Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla  
Buffalo Chicken Salad  
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich  
Buffalo Chicken Strips  
Buffalo Chicken Tacos  
Buffalo Platter  
Buffalo Shrimp, 12 Piece  
Buffalo Shrimp, 24 Piece  
Burger Sliders  
Caesar Salad  
Caramel Fudge Cheesecake  
Cheese Sauce  
Cheese Sticks  
Cheese, American  
Cheese, Bleu, Crumbles  
Cheese, Cheddar