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Name Description Access Level
Kung Pao Chicken  
Kung Pao Chicken  
Kung Pao Chicken  
Lasagna Bake Entree 'Familiar Favorites' 1 meal  
Lasagna Bake, with Meat Sauce with Meat Sauce  
Lasagna with Meat Sauce  
Legumes a L'italienne  
Lemon Garlic Chicken  
Lemon Garlic Chicken and Shrimp  
Lemon Herb Chicken  
Lemon Herb Chicken  
Lemon Pepper Fish  
Lemon Pepper Fish Entree 'Complete Meals'  
Lemon Pepper Fish Meals  
Lemongrass Chicken & Shrimp  
Lentil Bowl, Mediterranean Style  
Low Fat Fudge Bar  
Macaroni & Cheese  
Macaroni & Cheese Entree 'Familiar Favorites' 1 meal  
Mandarin Beef Lo Mein Entree 'Complete Meals'  
Mandarin Chicken  
Mandarin Chicken Entree 'Familiar Favorites' 1 meal  
Manicotti Formaggio, Marinara Marinara  
Manicotti W/three Cheeses Entree 'Familiar Favorites' 1 meal  
Marinara Manicotti Formaggio Entree 'Complete Meals'  
Meat Lasagna, Deep Dish Deep Dish  
Meat Loaf Dinner Entree  
Meatball Marinara  
Meatball Marinara  
Meatball Marinara  
Meatloaf Entree 'Dinners' 1 meal  
Mediterranean Bean with Pasta Soup  
Mediterranean Grilled Chicken  
Mediterranean Inspired CafĂ© Steamers, Balsamic Garlic Chicken  
Mediterranean Pasta  
Mediterranean Pasta Entree 'All Natural Entree', frozen  
Mediterranean Style Chicken with Orzo Soup Mediterranean Style Chicken with Orzo  
Mesquite Chicken Bbq Entree 'Dinners' 1 meal  
Microwave Meal, Szechwan Beef with Asian Style Noodles Szechwan Beef with Asian Style Noodles  
Microwave Popcorn, Natural Natural  
Minestrone Soup, Rts microwavable  
Mini Spaghetti Rings & Meatballs Mini  
Mint Chocolate Chip Premium Low Fat Ice Cream  
Modern Classics, Beef and Broccoli  
Modern Classics, Four Cheese Tortellini