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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Gardenburger

Name Description Access Level
Pizza Nuggets  
Portabella Veggie Burger  
Portabella Veggie Burger  
Portabella Veggie Burgers Portabella  
Riblets, Vegan meatless, 1 serving=1 riblet with sauce  
Southwestern Chicken Entree, Vegan meatless, w/vegetables  
Soy Burgers, Flame Grilled Burgers Flame Grilled Burgers  
Soy Patties, Breaded Chik'n Breaded Chik'n  
Sun Dried Tomato Basil Wrap  
Sweet & Sour Pork Entree, Vegan meatless, w/rice  
The Original Veggie Burgers The Original  
Veggie Burger, Black Bean Chipotle  
Veggie Burger, The Original  
Veggie Burgers  
Veggie Burgers, Original  
Veggie Burgers, Veggie Medley Veggie Medley  
Veggie Patties, California Burger California Burger  
Veggie Wraps, Black Bean Chipotle Black Bean Chipotle