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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fresh Express

Name Description Access Level
Caesar Kit  
Caesar Kit, Greek Yogurt Caesar Dressing  
Caesar Lite  
Caesar Lite Salad Kit Caesar Lite  
Caesar Supreme  
Caesar Supreme Kit  
Caesar Supreme Salad Kit  
Caribbean Chicken Salad  
Caribbean Chicken Salad - Healthy Blend  
Chef Salad  
Chicken Caesar Salad - Healthy Blend  
Chicken Caesar Salad Kit  
Chicken Caesar with Crostini  
Chopped Kit, BBQ Ranch  
Chopped Kit, Chipotle Cheddar  
Chopped Kit, Country Dijon  
Chopped Kit, Greek Yogurt Bacon & Bleu  
Chopped Kit, Poppyseed  
Chopped Kit, Sunflower Crisp  
Chopped Kit, Sweet Kale Salad  
Chopped Salad Kit, Asian  
Chopped Salad Kit, Southwest with Greek Yogurt  
Chopped Salad Kit, Sunflower Crisp  
Chopped Salad, Kit Southwest  
Chopped Turkey Chef Salad  
Chopped Turkey Chef Salad - Healthy Blend  
Classic Caesar Organic Kit  
Cole Slaw  
Cole Slaw  
Cole Slaw Kit  
Cole Slaw Kit w/ Dressing  
Complete Salad, Mediterranean Supreme Mediterranean Supreme  
Complete Salad, Salsa Ensalada Supreme Salsa Ensalada Supreme  
Crunchy Romaine Lettuce and Red Cabbage, Italian  
Diced Southern Slaw, Green Cabbage and Carrots  
Digestive Health Kit Salad  
Double Carrots Crispy Lettuce  
Fancy Field Greens  
Fancy Greens  
Fancy Greens  
Field Greens Salad - Healthy Blend  
Gourmet Cafe Chicken Caesar Salad Kit  
Gourmet Cafe Creative Classics, Chopped Asian  
Gourmet Cafe, Turkey & Bacon Chef