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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Flav-R-Pac

Name Description Access Level
Chopped Spinach  
Chopped Spinach  
Chow Mien Vegetable Stir Fry  
Classic Fruit, Deluxe Berry Mix  
Classic Fruits, Deluxe Berry Mix  
Classic Potatoes  
Classic Potatoes Regular Cut French Fries  
Classic Vegetable Whole Kernel Corn  
Classic Vegetables Cut Green Beans  
Classic Vegetables French Cut Green Beans  
Classic Vegetables Sweet Green Peas  
Classic Vegetables Whole Kernel Corn  
Classic Vegetables, Mixed Vegetable  
Classic Vegetables, Mixed Vegetables  
Classic Vegetables, Mixed Vegetables  
Classic Vegetables, Peas and Carrots  
Classic Vegetables, Seasoning Blend  
Classic Vegetables, Whole Baby Okra  
Cobbetts Three  
Corn, Chuckwagon, Frozen corn, green peppers, onions, red peppers  
Corn, Cream Style, Frozen  
Corn, Super Sweet, White 'Premium Vegetables'  
Corn, Whole Kernel 'Classic Vegetables'  
Country Trio  
Cozumel Blend  
Crinkle Cut French Fries  
Cut Green Beans  
Cut Okra  
Deluxe Vegetable Medley  
Diced Red Potatoes  
Dinner Vegetables  
Dinner Vegetables  
Edamame Medley  
Fajita Vegetable Blend, Frozen  
Fiesta Vegetables frozen  
Flavor Fiesta vegetable blen  
Four Bean Salad frozen  
French Fries, Crinkle Cut  
French Fries, Regular Cut  
Fruit Topping, Apple diced apples  
Fruit Topping, Blueberry  
Fruit Topping, Marion Blackberry  
Fruit Topping, Raspberry