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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Farmer John

Name Description Access Level
Polish Sausage, Smoked  
Polish Sausage, Smoked Smoked  
Pork Chorizo  
Pork Links, Classic Classic  
Pork Links, Classic  
Pork Links, Old-Fashioned Maple, Skinless Old-Fashioned Maple, Skinless  
Pork Links, Original Original  
Pork Sausage, Mild  
Pork Sausage, Original Original  
Pork Sausage, Premium, Fiery Hot Habanero Premium, Fiery Hot Habanero  
Premium Applewood Bacon  
Premium Beef Franks  
Premium Beef Rope Sausage  
Premium Black Forest Sliced Ham 4x6  
Premium Braunschweiger  
Premium Brown Sugar & Honey Sliced Ham 4x6  
Premium Butt & Shanks Portion Hams  
Premium Cracked Peppercorn Bacon  
Premium Gold Wrap Whole Hams  
Premium Half Hams  
Premium Ham Sliced Ham Steaks  
Premium Jumbo Beef Franks  
Premium Jumbo Meat Wieners  
Premium Lard - Manteca Box  
Premium Lard - Manteca Cube  
Premium Lard - Manteca Pail  
Premium Liverwurst with Bacon  
Premium Low Sodium Bacon  
Premium Manteca  
Premium Meat Wieners  
Premium Old-Fashioned Maple Bacon  
Premium Original Chorizo  
Premium Oven Roasted Turkey Breast  
Premium P.C. Links (Lower Fat)  
Premium Polish Sausage  
Premium Pork Rope Sausage  
Premium Quarter Pounder Beef Franks  
Premium Regular Smoked Bacon  
Premium S.C. Links  
Premium Sausage Patties (Lower Fat)  
Premium Sliced Ham  
Premium Sliced Ham 4x6  
Premium Smoked Sausage, Mild Jalapeno Mild Jalapeno  
Premium Smoked Sausage, Red Hots Red Hots  
Premium Spicy Hot Chorizo