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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Drake's

Name Description Access Level
All Butter Pound Cake  
All-Purpose Breading Mix  
Assorted Donuts  
Buttermilk Pancake Mix  
Cake, Devil's Food Devil's Food  
Chocolate Chip Cookies  
Chocolate Chip Cookies  
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies  
Chocolate Crumb Coffee Cakes  
Coconut Cookies  
Coffee Cake with Natural Cinnamon Streusel Topping  
Coffee Cakes  
Coffee Cakes, Cinnamon Streusel Topping Cinnamon Streusel Topping  
Coffee Cakes, Economy Pack Economy Pack  
Coffee Cakes, Low Fat Low Fat  
Coffee Cakes, Value Pack Value Pack  
Creme Filled Golden Cakes  
Crispy Fry Mix, 10 Oz 10 Oz  
Crispy Frymix  
Crispy Snacks, Chocolate Chip  
Crispy Snacks, Marshmallow  
Deep Dish Danish, Cinnamon, Pre-Priced  
Deep Dish Danish, Cream Cheese Cream Cheese  
Devil Dogs  
Devil Dogs  
Devil Dogs  
Devil Dogs, Economy Pack Economy Pack  
Devil Dogs, Reduced Fat Reduced Fat  
Devil Dogs, Value Pack Value Pack  
Devil's Food Cakes, Swiss Rolls Swiss Rolls  
Donut Delites, Chocolate Frosted  
Donut Delites, Chocolate Frosted  
Donut Delites, Cinnamon  
Donut Delites, Coconut Crunch  
Donut Delites, Powdered  
Donut Delites, Powdered  
Fruit Pies, Apple  
Fruit Pies, Apple Apple  
Fruit Pies, Blueberry  
Fruit Pies, Cherry  
Fruit Pies, Cherry Cherry  
Fruity Creme Filled Pastries, Raspberry Raspberry  
Fruity Creme Filled Pastries, Strawberry Strawberry  
Frymix, Crispy Crispy  
Frymix, Crispy Crispy