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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Country Style

Name Description Access Level
Lemon Cherry Freeze  
Lemon Cranberry-Muffins  
Lemon Filled-Yeast Donuts  
Lentil Vegetable-Soup  
Mango Turkey Wrap  
Maple Raised-Yeast Donuts  
Marble Iced-Chocolate Cake Donuts  
Marble Iced-White Cake Donuts  
Meatball Deluxe  
Mediterranean Chicken  
Mediterranean Salad  
Mocha Latte  
Morning Glory-Muffins  
Multigrain Bagel  
Oatmeal Raisin-Cookies  
Orange Crullers  
Original Philly Steak & Cheese-Sandwiches  
Peanut Butter-Cookies  
Pecan Butter Tart  
Plain Bagel  
Plain Crullers  
Plain-Tea Biscuit  
Polar Cappuccino  
Pomegranate Bran-Muffins  
Poppy Seed Bagel  
Raisin Bran-Muffins  
Raisin Butter Tart  
Raisin-Tea Biscuit  
Reduced Fat Apple Oatmeal-Muffins  
Reduced Fat Fruit & Fibre -Muffins  
Sausage & Egg Breakfast Sandwiche  
Sesame Bagel  
Smoked Ham & Cheese-Sandwiches  
Smoked Turkey & Cheese-Sandwiches  
Smokey Turkey  
Sour Cream Crullers  
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Griller  
Spinach & Cheese  
Split Pea with Ham-Soup  
Sprinkled-Chocolate Cake Donuts  
Sprinkled-White Cake Donuts  
Sprinkled-Yeast Donuts  
Stacked Club