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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Country Style

Name Description Access Level
Coconut-White Cake Donuts  
Coffee -single cream, single sugar  
Corn Muffin  
Country Salad  
Country Style Apple Juice  
Country Style Cranberry Cocktail  
Country Style Lemonade  
Country Style Orange Juice  
Cranberry Chicken Salad  
Cranberry Chicken Wrap  
Cream of Broccoli-Soup  
Cream of Chicken with Shiitake Mushroom-Soup  
Cream of Leek-Soup  
Cream of Mushroom-Soup  
Cream of Potato Bacon-Soup  
Cream of Tomato-Soup  
Decaf -single cream, single sugar  
Double Chocolate-Muffins  
Dutchie-Yeast Donuts  
Egg Salad  
Egg Salad-Sandwiches  
Everything Bagel  
Fire Roasted Tomato with Lentil Rice -Soup  
Fountain Pop  
French Crullers  
French Vanilla Frothy Coffee  
Fritter-Yeast Donuts  
Fruit & Flax Fibre-Muffins  
Fruit Salad  
Garden Salad  
Glazed -Yeast Donuts  
Glazed-Chocolate Cake Donuts  
Glazed-White Cake Donuts  
Golden Butternut Squash and Carrot-Soup  
Greek Wrap  
Green Tea Latte  
Grilled Chicken Bistro  
Grilled Chicken Bistro w/ Bacon-Sandwiches  
Ham & Swiss Breakfast Sandwiche  
Harvest Vegetable-Soup  
Hot Chocolate  
Italian Deli-Sandwiches  
Italian Wedding-Soup