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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Concord Foods

Name Description Access Level
Apple Crisp  
Apple Crisp Mix  
Apple Crisp Mix, Prepared w/ Butter  
Authentic Guacamole Mix  
Authentic Guacamole Prepared  
Bacon Bits  
Bacon Bits, Imitation, Hickory-Smoked Imitation, Hickory-Smoked  
Banana Bread Mix  
Banana Bread Mix, Prepared  
Banana Cr?me Pudding & Pie Filling  
Banana Cream Pie Mix  
Banana Cream Pie Mix, Prepared w/ 2% Milk  
Banana Creme  
Banana Pops! Chocolate Flavored Chocolate  
Banana Smoothie Mix  
Banana Smoothie Mix, Prepared with 2% Milk  
Blueberry Glaze  
Blueberry Muffin Mix  
Broccoli Soup Mix  
Broccoli Soup Mix - Cheddar Cheese Flavor  
Broccoli Soup Prepared  
Broccoli Soup Prepared - Cheddar Cheese Flavor  
Broccoli Soup, Cheddar Cheese Flavor  
Candy Apple Kit  
Candy Apple Kit Mix  
Candy Apple Kit Mix, Prepared w/ Sugar & Apple  
Caramel Apple Kit  
Caramel Apple Kit  
Caramel Apple Kit Mix  
Caramel Apple Kit Mix, Prepared w/ Apple  
Caramel Apple Wrap  
Caramel Apple Wrap  
Caramel Dip  
Caramel Dip, USDA Organic USDA Organic  
Carrot Glaze  
Chocolate Banana Smoothie Mix  
Chocolate Banana Smoothie Mix, Prepared w/ Skim Milk  
Chocolate Flavored Banana Pops  
Chocolate Fruit Dip  
Coleslaw Mix  
Coleslaw Mix Original Original  
Coleslaw Mix Prepared with Mayo  
Cream of Broccoli Soup, Original Original, Cream of Broccoli  
Creamy Caramel Dip  
Extra Spicy Guacamole Mix