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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Campbell's

Name Description Access Level
SpaghettiOs Plus Calcium, Canned  
SpaghettiOs Raviolio's Beef Ravioli in Meat Sauce, Canned  
SpaghettiOs with Franks, Canned sliced frankfurters in tomato sauce  
SpaghettiOs, Meatballs Meatballs  
SpaghettiOs, Original Original  
SpaghettiOs, Original Original, Disney Princess  
SpaghettiOs, Original A to Z's Original, A to Z's  
SpaghettiOs, Shapes, Disney Princesses, Meatballs Shapes, Disney Princesses, Meatballs  
Split Pea 'n Ham Soup, Chunky 'Chunky'  
Split Pea Soup, Low Sodium  
Split Pea W/roasted Ham Soup, Rts 'Select'  
Split Pea with Ham & Bacon Soup, Condensed  
Steak 'N' Potato Soup, Chunky 'Chunky'  
Sweet Korean BBQ with Roasted Ginger and Sesame Slower Cooker Sweet Korean BBQ  
Thai Tomato Coconut Soup  
Three Cheese Mushroom Ravioli W/vegetables Soup, Rts 'Select'  
Tomato Bisque Soup, Condensed  
Tomato Cheese Ravioli Soup, Rts 'Chunky' w/vegetables  
Tomato Garden Soup, Rts 'Select'  
Tomato Juice  
Tomato Juice  
Tomato Juice  
Tomato Juice  
Tomato Juice  
Tomato Juice  
Tomato Juice  
Tomato Juice, Healthy Request  
Tomato Juice, Low Sodium  
Tomato Juice, Low Sodium Low Sodium  
Tomato Juice, Organic  
Tomato Juice, Organic Organic  
Tomato Noodle Soup, Condensed  
Tomato Soup microwavable bowl  
Tomato Soup  
Tomato Soup  
Tomato Soup, Condensed  
Tomato Soup, Less Sodium, Condensed  
Tomato W/roasted Garlic & Herbs Soup, Rts  
Tomato W/tomato Pieces Soup, Low Sodium, Rts  
Toy Story, Fun Shapes Pasta with Chicken in Chicken Broth Jimmy Neutron  
Traditional Roast Chicken, with Stuffing with Stuffing  
Traditional Salsa, Medium  
Turbo Twists Broth Soup  
Turkey Gravy  
Turkey Gravy, Fat Free