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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Bojangles'

Name Description Access Level
Cinnamon Biscuit  
Cinnamon Twist (contains nuts)  
Cole Slaw, Ind. FIXINS - Cole Slaw, Ind.  
Cole Slaw, Picnic FIXINS - Cole Slaw, Picnic  
Country Ham & Egg Biscuit  
Country Ham Biscuit  
Country Ham Biscuit Sandwich  
Diet Pepsi (16oz, with ice)  
Diet Pepsi (22oz, with ice)  
Diet Pepsi (32oz, with ice)  
Dirty Rice  
Egg & Cheese Biscuit  
Egg Biscuit Sandwich  
Fat Free Italian Dressing  
Garden Salad  
Grape Jelly  
Gravy Biscuit  
Green Beans  
Green Beans, Ind. FIXINS - Green Beans, Ind.  
Green Beans, Picnic FIXINS - Green Beans, Picnic  
Grilled Chicken Club  
Grilled Chicken Salad  
Grilled Chicken Sandwich  
Grilled Filet Sandwich  
Grilled Filet w/mayo Sandwich  
Honey Dijon Dressing  
Honey Mustard Sauce  
Hot Sauce  
Mac 'N Cheese Kids' Meal  
Macaroni & Cheese  
Macaroni 'N Cheese, Ind. FIXINS - Macaroni 'N Cheese, Ind.  
Macaroni 'N Cheese, Picnic FIXINS - Macaroni 'N Cheese, Picnic  
Marinated Cole Slaw  
Mashed Potatoes 'N Gravy, Ind. FIXINS - Mashed Potatoes 'N Gravy, Ind.  
Mashed Potatoes 'N Gravy, Picnic FIXINS - Mashed Potatoes 'N Gravy, Picnic  
Milk (8oz)  
Mountain Dew (16oz, with ice)  
Mountain Dew (22oz, with ice)  
Mountain Dew (32oz, with ice)