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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Bob Evans

Name Description Access Level
Cup of Sausage Chili  
Cup of Sausage Gravy  
Cup of Vegetable Beef Soup  
Decaf Coffee  
Decaf Earl Grey Tea with Lemon  
Diet Blackberry Jam  
Diet Blackberry Jam (1 each) CONDIMENTS - Diet Blackberry Jam (1 each)  
Diet Coca-Cola FFTF - Diet Coca-Cola  
Diet Coke  
Diet Coke BEVERAGES - Diet Coke  
Diet Coke  
Diet Coke, Kids KIDS - Diet Coke, Kids  
Dill Pickle Slices  
Dill Pickle Slices (3 each) SIDES - Dill Pickle Slices (3 each)  
Dinner Rolls (1 each) BREADS - Dinner Rolls (1 each)  
Double Blueberry Hotcakes BREAKFAST - Double Blueberry Hotcakes  
Double Blueberry Hotcakes HC (sausage links)  
Double Blueberry Hotcakes LC (Bacon)  
Double Blueberry Hotcakes without meat  
Double Chocolate Brownie BAKERY - Double Chocolate Brownie  
Double Chocolate Hotcakes BREAKFAST - Double Chocolate Hotcakes  
Double Chocolate Hotcakes HC (sausage links)  
Double Chocolate Hotcakes LC (bacon)  
Double Chocolate Hotcakes without meat  
Double Crust Apple Pie (1 slice) DESSERTS - Double Crust Apple Pie (1 slice)  
Dr. Pepper  
Drink, Orange Juice Large  
Drink, Orange Juice Regular  
Earl Grey Hot Decaf Tea Beverages - Earl Grey Hot Decaf Tea  
Earl Grey Hot Tea  
Egg Choices, Basted Eggs  
Egg Choices, Egg Lites  
Egg Choices, Fried Eggs  
Egg Choices, Scrambled Eggs  
Eggs - One a la carte  
Eggs, Cooked to Order (1 each) (a la carte) BREAKFAST - Eggs, Cooked to Order (1 each) (a la carte)  
English Breakfast Hot Tea  
English Breakfast Hot Tea Beverages - English Breakfast Hot Tea  
English Breakfast Tea with Lemon  
English Muffin (1 each) BREADS - English Muffin (1 each)  
Farm Festival Bean Soup (1 bowl) with 2 pkt Saltines  
Farm Festival Bean Soup (1 cup) with 1 pkt Saltines  
Farm-Grill Chicken Club Sandwich, crispy (no fries or coleslaw)  
Farm-Grill Chicken Club Sandwich, grilled (no fries or coleslaw)  
Farm-Grill Fried Chicken Club SANDWICH - Farm-Grill Fried Chicken Club