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Name Description Access Level
Hollandaise Sauce  
Hollandaise Sauce (side portion) SAUCES AND TOPPINGS - Hollandaise Sauce (side portion)  
Home Fries BREAKFAST, KIDS, SIDES - Home Fries  
Home Fries  
Honey (1 packet) CONDIMENTS - Honey (1 packet)  
Honey Mustard Dressing Dinner Salad  
Honey Mustard Dressing Side Salad  
Honey Mustard Sauce  
Honey Roasted Pecans  
Honey Roasted Pecans (side portion) SAUCES AND TOPPINGS - Honey Roasted Pecans (side portion)  
Hot Bacon Dressing Dinner Salad  
Hot Bacon Dressing Side Salad  
Hot Chocolate  
Hot Chocolate BEVERAGES - Hot Chocolate  
Hot Chocolate, Kids KIDS - Hot Chocolate, Kids  
Hot Cocoa  
Hot English Breakfast Tea FFTF - Hot English Breakfast Tea  
Hot Fudge Cake  
Hot Fudge Cake a la Mode  
Hot Tea - All Varieties BEVERAGES - Hot Tea - All Varieties  
Ice Tea FFTF - Ice Tea  
Iced Coffee  
Iced Coffee (caramel) BEVERAGES - Iced Coffee (caramel)  
Iced Coffee (regular) BEVERAGES - Iced Coffee (regular)  
Iced Coffee (vanilla) BEVERAGES - Iced Coffee (vanilla)  
Iced Tea BEVERAGES - Iced Tea  
Iced Tea  
Iced Tea  
Italian Sausage and Pepper Pasta  
Kids Pasta  
Kids Strawberry Sundae  
Knife & Fork Bob-B-Q Pulled Pork Sandwich  
Knife & Fork Farmhouse Philly  
Knife & Fork Meatloaf Sandwich  
Knife & Fork Turkey Sandwich Sandwiches - Knife & Fork Turkey Sandwich  
Knife & Fork Turkey Sandwich  
Knife and Fork Meat Loaf Sandwich  
Lemon Bar Bakery - Lemon Bar  
Lemon Blueberry Supreme Pie  
Lemon Bundt Cake Bakery - Lemon Bundt Cake  
Lemon Cookie  
Lemon Supreme Pie  
Lemon Supreme Pie (1 slice)  
Lemon Supreme Pie (1 slice) Desserts - Lemon Supreme Pie (1 slice)