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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Betty Crocker

Name Description Access Level
Frosting, Rich & Creamy, Lemon  
Frosting, Rich & Creamy, Milk Chocolate  
Frosting, Rich & Creamy, Rainbow Chip  
Frosting, Rich & Creamy, Sour Cream Chocolate  
Frosting, Rich & Creamy, Sour Cream White  
Frosting, Rich & Creamy, Spring Party Chip Rich & Creamy, Spring Party Chip  
Frosting, Rich & Creamy, Triple Chocolate Fudge Chip  
Frosting, Rich & Creamy, Vanilla  
Frosting, Strawberry Mist Strawberry Mist  
Frosting, Triple Chocolate Fudge Chip Triple Chocolate Fudge Chip  
Frosting, Vanilla Vanilla  
Frosting, Whipped Butter Cream  
Frosting, Whipped Cream Whipped Cream  
Frosting, Whipped, Butter Cream  
Frosting, Whipped, Chocolate  
Frosting, Whipped, Chocolate Mousse  
Frosting, Whipped, Cream Cheese  
Frosting, Whipped, Fluffy White prepared  
Frosting, Whipped, French Vanilla  
Frosting, Whipped, Lemon  
Frosting, Whipped, Milk Chocolate  
Frosting, Whipped, Strawberry Mist  
Frosting, Whipped, Vanilla  
Frosting, Whipped, Whipped Cream  
Frosting, White Chocolate Flavor White Chocolate Flavor  
Fruit By The Foot, All Flavors  
Fruit By The Foot, Berry Berry Twist  
Fruit By The Foot, Berry Tie-Dye  
Fruit By The Foot, Color By The Foot  
Fruit By The Foot, Mini Feet Berry Wave  
Fruit By The Foot, Razzle Blue Blitz  
Fruit By The Foot, Strawberry  
Fruit By The Foot, Watermelon  
Fruit Flavored Shapes, All Flavors except Sunkist  
Fruit Flavored Shapes, Batman  
Fruit Flavored Shapes, Care Bears  
Fruit Flavored Shapes, Cinderella  
Fruit Flavored Shapes, Looney Tunes  
Fruit Flavored Shapes, My Little Pony  
Fruit Flavored Shapes, Polly Pocket  
Fruit Flavored Shapes, Scooby Doo!  
Fruit Flavored Shapes, Shark Bites  
Fruit Flavored Shapes, Sunkist Flavors  
Fruit Flavored Shapes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  
Fruit Flavored Shapes, Tonka