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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Ball Park

Name Description Access Level
Classic Corn Dogs  
Corn Dogs, Classic  
Flame Grilled Beef & Onion Patty  
Flame Grilled Beef Patty  
Flame Grilled Turkey Patty  
Frankfur, (hot Dog, Wiener)  
Frankfur, Grillmaster, Hot 'n Spicy (hot Dog, Wiener)  
Frankfur, Singles, Cheese (hot Dog, Wiener) individually wrapped  
Frankfur, Turkey, Nonfat (hot Dog, Wiener) bun size smoked white turkey frank  
Franks made with beef, pork and turkey  
Franks Made with Pork, Turkey & Chicken  
Franks, All Beef, Angus, Original All Beef, Angus, Original  
Franks, Angus Beef Angus Beef  
Franks, Beef  
Franks, Beef Beef  
Franks, Beef Beef  
Franks, Beef, Bakery Wrapped Beef, Bakery Wrapped  
Franks, Beef, Deli Style Beef, Deli Style  
Franks, Beef, Deli Style, Bun Size Beef, Deli Style, Bun Size  
Franks, Beef, Fat Free  
Franks, Beef, Lean, Bun Size Beef, Lean, Bun Size  
Franks, Beef, Light  
Franks, Bun Size  
Franks, Bun Size Beef  
Franks, Bun Size Beef  
Franks, Bun Size, Beef  
Franks, Bun Size, Smoked White Turkey, Fat Free  
Franks, Bun Sized Bun Sized  
Franks, Cheese  
Franks, Cheese Cheese  
Franks, Fat Free Fat Free  
Franks, Fat Free  
Franks, Fat Free, Beef Fat Free, Beef  
Franks, Grillmaster Beef, Deli Style  
Franks, Grillmaster Hearty Beef  
Franks, Grillmaster Smokehouse  
Franks, Jumbo, Beef Jumbo, Beef  
Franks, Light